My name is Brandon Turner. 

Among friends and family, I am affectionately called B.T. 

I was born and raised in McKeesport, PA, a suburb of the Greater Pittsburgh area.

Upon graduating from McKeesport High School, I was awarded an athletic as well as a band scholarship to Saint Francis University(SFU).

After earning my degree from SFU, I worked in the McKeesport Area School District for a year.  At the end of my first year in the district, a chance meeting with a U.S. Army Major caused me to change courses.  I embarked on a military career, relocated south and was commissioned as a U.S. Army Officer.

After serving two tours of duty in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom(OIF), I was able to attain the rank of Captain (CPT).  Upon completion of my military obligation, I was honorably discharged and moved back home to the Pittsburgh area.

Upon my arrival, I was blessed to receive a management offer from United States Steel Corporation(USS), where I continued to grow as a leader.

After a few years of service with USS, I decided to take advantage of other opportunities that were presenting themselves.

Many moons ago, I created my first short film as a high school science project and now it seems as though things have come full circle.  As a Video Journalist, I love to tell stories through the powerful medium of video.

Traveling is one of my favorite pastimes and I have been blessed to see a lot of the world.  I’m on a mission to see more of it!

As a kid, there was always music playing in my house and to this day I still have a love of music. I am a practitioner of Hip Hop and poetry.  I was even fortunate enough to release my first Hip Hop album, 10 In 10, in 2011. 

I am an avid writer and I’ve ghostwritten two published books.  I have also written an eco-friendly children’s book that was a blast to create.

I have always been involved in sports, so fitness is still a major part of my life.  I enjoy motivating and coaching others to get into shape and live healthier lives.

I have always believed in the power of entrepreneurship and regaining one’s financial independence. 

With the advent of the internet, we have more opportunity than ever to achieve freedom and connect with like-minded individuals. 

So reach out to me today and let’s build a relationship.

Thank you for visiting! :-)


To your success,

Brandon “B.T.” Turner